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Reading roundup 2012

The end of every calendar year delivers a mass of “best of” listings. Every publication and and personality seems to feel the need to have their say about topics from royal news to sports photos. But there is an subsection of these offerings well worth investigating — the best reads, especially the best long reads, and investigative journalism collected online. Thanks to the Internet you really can read a wonderful range of the previous 12 month’s best writing without having to subscribe to all manner of magazines or services.

So let the editors have their say and enjoy the fact that they’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Get reading. And send along any additional suggestions in the comments.

Long Reads: More heft than the usual byte-sized story

Of course, there are websides dedicated to the mission of collecting the best long reads online, and the BBC News Magazine (search for best reads) are worth a visit any time but they’ve also collected 2012 compendiums. Best of 2012 (guest lists and site list) Best of 2012

The Atlantic Wire: 25 of Our Favorite Long Reads

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads of 2012

The Guardian: Best Long Reads of 2012

Slate: 10 Great Longform Pieces on Slate in 2012 

Buzzfeed: The 10 Outstanding Essays of 2012

Journalism: Not-to-be-missed investigations

ProPublica Best Muckreads

Center for Public Integrity: Best of 2012: International Journalism

Pulitzer Prizes 2012: Journalism

Special topics: Food fads to particle physics

Columbia Journalism Review: Best Business Writing

Popular Science’s Best Longreads of 2012

New Scientist: Best Longreads of the Year

The Guardian: Best Science Writing Online 2012

The Huffington Post: Best Food Articles of 2012

Illicit Cultural Property Blog: The Best Heritage Writing of 2012

Criticwire: Best Film Criticism of 2012

Film at Lincoln Center: Best Criticism of 2012


Slate’s and Longform’s guide to the most chilling stories ever about people who disappeared



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