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Remembering Memorial Day

Sometimes the meaning of Memorial Day gets lost among the rush to beaches and backyard BBQs. You can honor those who have served in a variety of ways — watch the Memorial Day Concert, record the history of a vet for the National Archives, or find resources for military families and returning vets.


National Memorial Day Concert

On the eve of Memorial Day, a star-studded line-up will grace the stage for one of PBS’ highest-rated programs. Live on PBS from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol!

Sunday, May 26th, from 8:00 to 9:30 pm ET (check local listings).

Military families

The emotional impact of combat on those serving in the military is well recognized. But what about the military families left behind? We profile three families to see the sacrifices military spouses and children make every day.

Nursing the wounded

To understand the myriad ways nurses are working in veterans care, Need to Know recently visited a Veterans Affairs hospital in San Diego, and profiled three nurses there.

Coming home: hardships of returning vets

Young veterans often have difficulty finding work when they return from war, leading to extreme financial hardship and, in some cases, homelessness.

Women under fire

If you saw the Oscar-nominated film “The Hurt Locker,” you may have been left with the impression that the military’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (E.O.D) team is a men’s only club.

Veterans Oral History Project

There are over 20 million veterans in American today, but with over 1,100 war veterans dying each day, there is an urgent need to collect their personal accounts of their war time experiences while they are still among us.

Origins of Memorial Day

After the Civil War, freed African Americans in Charleston, South Carolina established the tradition of what we have come to know as Memorial Day — From “Death and the Civil War”

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