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The open carry movement

Ed Levine is on a campaign to change the image of gun owners in America. He carries a gun almost everywhere he goes, including at the breakfast table. His 12-year-old daughter carries one, too.

In Virginia, where Ed lives, any adult can carry a gun. You don’t need to prove that you need it, or even that you know how to use it. You just need to wear the gun where people can see it.

“I don’t know where the next crime’s going to be. I don’t know where the next bad guy’s going to be,” Levine said. “So I want to basically carry it wherever I go in my daily life.”

But not everyone feels as comfortable with the “open carry” movement as Levine, and many question whether it’s necessary to carry a gun into a restaurant or a movie theater — not to mention an airport.

Need to Know went to Virginia to see the “open carry” movement firsthand, and understand why it’s becoming so popular. We also looked into the belief, widespread among gun owners, that the Obama administration is planning to pursue a sweeping “anti-gun” agenda, and asked Levine how he felt about attempts to regulate gun ownership.

“Don’t keep me from keeping a gun. Don’t keep me from defending my family,” Levine said. “If you don’t want to defend yours, and you don’t want to have a gun, don’t. But its my right. Let me exercise it.”

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