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An island divided: Haitian immigrants deported from the Dominican Republic

This week, Need to Know turns to an immigration issue: A story of desperately poor migrants crossing the border to find work in a country that has its own problems with unemployment and poverty. The immigrants come, legally or not. Many of the locals are angrily demanding that they be sent back.

Sound familiar? In this case, we’re talking about the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Haitians for decades have entered the D.R., as it’s called, to escape the severe poverty on their side of the island, but never more so than after last year’s earthquake. Their presence has only served to ratchet up longstanding tensions between the two countries.

Now, despite protests from human rights advocates, Haitian immigrants are being sent back over the border by the busload. Need to Know sent contributor Maria Hinojosa to investigate.

This report was produced in partnership with NPR’s Latino USA. You can also listen to the companion radio piece.

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