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Do violent video games make us violent?

Watch Can Violent Video Games Play a Role in Violent Behavior? on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Media outlets spent the day speculating about a CBS report that Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza had blacked out his bedroom and game-room windows, and spent hours playing violent video games.

But what do we know about Adam Lanza? And what have experts determined about the relationship between video games and real violence?

As part of a week of special PBS programming on the aftermath of the Newtown massacre, PBS NewsHour spoke with psychologist Brad Bushman and public health expert Cheryl Olson about the impact of violent video games on behavior. Later tonight, FRONTLINE presents a compelling special: Raising Adam Lanza.

Check out all of PBS’s special coverage at and get a preview of Need to Know’s After Newtown special airing Friday, February 22, 2013: “Gone Boy.”

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