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What’s at Stake: Debt and entitlements

We may be in a financial hole now, but the situation is about to get a whole lot worse. Millions of baby boomers are turning 65, which, of course, makes them eligible for Medicare. And that program, which already consumes approximately one sixth of the entire federal budget on its own, is becoming less and less financially sound. With the country already facing huge debts, fixing Medicare becomes even more difficult. The question is does either presidential candidate have a politically viable remedy?


From Need to Know

The fiscal cliff

This deadline is known as the “fiscal cliff” — the confluence of expiring tax cuts and automatic spending cuts that will go into effect should Congress not act before January 1.

Portraits of hunger: Stories of Americans on food stamps

Food stamps have become a political issue in the campaign, and Need to Know examines why a record number of Americans need help buying food every month.

Explaining taxmageddon

A panel of experts tells you everything you need to know about “the fiscal cliff.”

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Washington Week in Review

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FRONTLINE, PBS’ Peabody and Pulitzer award-winning investigative series on business and the economy: news, analysis and signature documentaries. Don’t miss “Ten Trillion and Counting.”


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