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Grousing at windmills

In Wyoming, economic development and renewable energy are at odds with a bird’s survival

As lawmakers and business leaders continue to push for innovation in renewable energy, a rare dispute has broken out between conservationists and sustainability advocates. In Wyoming, the development of wind energy has endangered the fragile habitat of the sage grouse, a candidate for the endangered species list. The state has had to engage in a difficult balancing act, trying to save the sage grouse and its sagebrush habitat while still promoting economic growth and renewable resources.

Need to Know traveled to Wyoming to learn more about how the plight of the sage grouse could play a pivotal role in energy policy there, as the state debates a major investment in wind power and aims to set an example for the rest of the country.

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    Studies conducted on the counties above the Marcellus and Barnett Shale for example — where extensive drilling has already taken place — present mixed economic results.
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    The proliferation of privately owned solar has large power companies in Germany worried.
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    Nominee has industry ties
    Energy secretary nominee had deep connections to industry, including as a paid adviser to BP until 2011.