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Legacy of waste: The high cost of nuclear power

This week’s edition of the “Watch List” — where we look into the consequences of deregulation, the lack of government oversight, and the failure of those in charge to keep us safe and secure — explores the results of decades of indecision, inaction and broken agreements about nuclear waste

Most scenarios about America’s energy future include nuclear power. President Obama has promised $8 billion in loan guarantees to break ground in Georgia on the first two new nuclear reactors in nearly 30 years. But there’s no permanent plan for the radioactive waste that will come from these new plants.

And it gets worse: there’s no plan for the 70,000 tons of nuclear waste that we’ve been accumulating for the last 60 years. Our correspondent, Mona Iskander, went to Wiscasset, Maine, to visit one small town that wants to see some decisions made.

Editor’s note: This report previously included a still image of liquid natural gas storage tanks near the Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant that Need To Know erroneously believed to be the Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant itself.

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