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Need to Know, September 30, 2011: Chemical pollution and the EPA

This week's host Ray Suarez

Ray Suarez is this week’s host of Need to Know. We visit a small town in upstate New York that has been exposed to chemical pollution and health problems, and examine the regulatory system that some say has failed its residents. We also speak with Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks on the proper role of the EPA.

Also: Jon Meacham gives an “In Perspective” essay on longstanding government programs that continue to affect the lives of Americans every day.

Check your local listings for details. And be sure to take our poll on the role of the EPA: Is the EPA doing enough to protect us? Or is it doing too much, burdening us with regulations?

Watch the individual segments:

Toxic law?

Need to Know takes a look at a small town plagued by chemical pollution and disease, and the regulatory system some say has failed its residents.

Is the EPA regulating too much?

Need to Know anchor Ray Suarez interviews Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks to discuss his take on the proper role of the Environmental Protection Agency.

In Perspective: Jon Meacham on America’s regulatory history

Jon Meacham examines the effect that programs initiated by FDR and LBJ continue to have on Americans, despite unawareness of the role government plays in our everyday lives.

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