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Mark Bittman on the politics of the plate

With what might be described as alarming frequency, we Americans are reminded of the trust exercise we perform every time we head to the grocery store. Thousands of people have fallen ill over the years after eating foods contaminated with e. coli and salmonella. The culprits have included spinach, salsa, peanut butter and papaya to name a few recent examples. But then there are the less obvious hidden dangers in the American diet. The ones created by food policy that some believe serve lobbyists more than the average American consumer.

If you’re familiar with long-time food writer Mark Bittman‘s work in The New York Times you may know that he’s branched out from the food pages to the opinion section, where he focuses on the intersection of food, politics and the environment. Bittman is the author of several books; his most recent is “The Food Matters Cookbook.”

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