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How the anti-abortion rights movement has succeeded at the state level

Since Roe v. Wade overturned state laws restricting abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy, states have passed more than 350 laws regulating or restricting access to abortion. Nearly 70 laws have been passed just this year, ranging from restricting funding, requiring waiting periods and counseling, and regulating facilities that perform abortions, to name a few examples. So while the anti-abortion advocates haven’t given up the goal of overturning Roe v. Wade, the anti-abortion movement has succeeded in making abortions tough to get in many states.

The record of legislative successes has left many in the pro-choice movement debating why, and how, the anti-abortion — or pro life movement — has been so successful. It was a question that came up in a Need to Know panel discussion on feminism last month.

Need to Know’s Alison Stewart talks with, Charmaine Yoest, head of Americans United for Life, about the movement’s successes and strategy for the future.

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