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Military families struggle with the war at home

September 11 led to the war in Afghanistan, and in just a few weeks — October 7, to be exact — we’ll pass another milestone: ten years since the beginning of the conflict that has become our nation’s longest war. It has taken more than 1,700 American lives. Thousands more U.S. troops have been killed or injured in Iraq. And while the emotional impact of combat on those serving is well recognized, we want to turn our attention to the families left behind — in particular, the children.

Like their parents, these kids are serving their country. Some of them have parents who’ve been deployed for much of their lives. We’d like you to meet three military families who are dealing with the war at home. Need to Know’s Karla Murthy has our story.

Supporting military families:
The Child, Adolescent and Family Behavioral Health Office
The Military Child Education Coalition
Home Front Hearts

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