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What’s at Stake: Healthcare

If anything, the debate about Medicare has been tame compared to the debate about healthcare. Almost from the start of the Obama administration, the two parties have been at war about the wisdom, legality and practicality of The Affordable Care Act. What’s next when it comes to healthcare?

From Need to Know

Where the candidates stand

With total Medicare spending projected to cost $7.7 trillion over the next 10 years, there is consensus that changes are in order.Here’s a rundown of where the two candidates stand on Medicare and Medicaid.

Money & Medicine

Money and Medicine tackles the challenges of containing runaway health care spending.

Women’s Choice

Need to Know travels to Virginia to look at how women’s health policies on the local level may impact the general election.

PBS Election Coverage:


Explore the NewsHour’s full coverage of health and healthcare. Take special note of the primer for all ages: “How the Next President Could Change Health Law?” And, explore the fascinating election feature: Patchwork Nation.

Washington Week in Review

Explore Washington Week’s collection of essential reads on the economy and the election


FRONTLINE, PBS’ Peabody and Pulitzer award-winning investigative series on health and healthcare: news, analysis and signature documentaries. Don’t miss “Sick Around America.”