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Could Karzai reconcile with the Taliban?

One of the thornier issues expected to come up during Hamid Karzai’s visit to Washington is the Afghan president’s plans for reconciliation with the Taliban.


Times Square bomb, a view from Pakistan

We know that anti-Americanism runs deep in Pakistan. But how do Pakistanis feel about incidents like last week’s attempted car bombing in Times Square, carried out by a Pakistani-born American citizen with alleged ties to the Pakistani Taliban?


Ahoy, ladies! One of the Navy’s last gender barriers is broken

One of the Navy’s last gender barriers — allowing women to serve aboard nuclear submarines — has been broken.

  El Paso teens talk about drug violence

Teens in El Paso, Texas, talk about drugs, violence and death on both sides of the border.


Why now, why Arizona? Misconceptions about Mexican migration

Last week, Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona signed the nation’s strictest immigration law, sparking fear among Hispanics, controversy across the nation, and even the wrath of even the President. Shoshana Guy asks, why now, and why Arizona?


Policing fashion in France and Saudi Arabia

An American who grew up in Saudi Arabia questions France’s plan to ban the burqa.

How do gun owners really feel about gun control?

Republican pollster Frank Luntz got surprising results when surveying NRA members.


A walk to Juarez

Producer Shoshana Guy describes the fear she felt crossing the bridge into Juarez, Mexico, but says Mexican journalists are the ones with the real cojones.


Why do we need to know about the British elections?

Bank bailouts. Deficit spending. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The issues that have come to define the American political landscape in recent months are now playing out across the Atlantic, as voters in the U.K. prepare to choose their next government.


Astronauts’ views on Obama space plan are light years apart

Obama’s plan to kill the $97 billion Constellation program has divided the first and second men on the men. What do other space veterans think?