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The impact of the Gaza blockade

Israel has come under intense international criticism for raiding a Gaza-bound aid flotilla this week, leaving nine activists dead. Journalists and eyewitnesses have accused Israeli commandos of firing on the ships before boarding. In response, the Israeli Navy has posted dozens of videos claiming to show that the activists themselves were the ones who instigated the violence.

Organizers of the Free Gaza movement, meanwhile, have promised to send another boat to challenge the Israeli Navy. And Turkey, long one of Israel’s few Muslim allies, has threatened to break off diplomatic ties, roiling the region.

The conflict may never be fully resolved, and more flotillas may well be on their way. But there is an important element to the debate that most observers have neglected: the blockade itself.  Need to Know takes an in-depth look at the history of Israel’s blockade of Gaza and its impact on the population there.

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