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Bernard Haykel: What happens next in the Middle East?

It was another week of watching often bloody civilian revolt in the Middle East. What’s happening now is historic, and what happens next may be even more significant.

It’s been called the “Arab Spring,” but revolutions are never predictable. Will Egypt’s military allow for a smooth transition to democracy? And how will the uprisings in Libya, Yemen and elsewhere be resolved?

To get some answers, Need to Know’s Alison Stewart spoke with Bernard Haykel, a professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University. They talked about the competing forces at play in the region — from the role of al Qaeda to the future of Saudi Arabia — and, of course, the instability in Libya.

Haykel told Need to Know that the world has a responsibility to promote political dignity and good governance in the Middle East, or “remain hostage to the pathologies of this region, which provide ample opportunity for al Qaeda to reassert its narrative and influence.”

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