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The trouble with pirates

The story of a French family abducted in the Indian Ocean.

This week in Norfolk, Va., an American jury began hearing a piracy case, the first in more than a hundred years. Five Somalis are accused of firing assault weapons on the USS Nicholas, which was patrolling the waters off Somalia last April.

Gone are the days when the notion of pirates conjured quaint fictional images of rogues and daredevils. The pirates of Somalia are increasingly players in the war on terror. Somalia is a safe haven to some of the most extreme, and often brutal, Islamist radicals — Al Shabab. They control large areas of the country, and according to The New York Times, now some are also allied with pirates, in order to get some of their ransom money.

This segment is part of a documentary called “The Trouble with Pirates” that depicts, in real life drama, the danger they represent. In this portion of the film, we watch a family struggle to survive as hostages at sea.