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What’s at Stake: Foreign policy

Pundits say that the third debate — the one on foreign policy — didn’t make a bit of different to most Americans. But what will the candidates do about wars, diplomacy and everything in between? Senior NewsHour correspondent Margaret WarnerNewsHour’s overseas reporting lead, examines the key foreign policy challenges facing the next president.

From Need to Know

The Drone war

Need to Know’s Hannah Yi reports on the eight-year war in Afghanistan. Commentator Joshua Foust on the politics of of Pakistan. Ask the experts: Everything you need to know about drones.

The Arab Spring

Reporter Mona Iskander returns to Egypt to see what’s happening in Egypt a year after Mubarak was swept from power and a military regime took control. Need to Know’s coverage of The Arab Spring.

The Euro debt crisis

From Greece to Germany — Need to Know’s special coverage of the European debt crisis.

PBS Election Coverage:

World coverage

Explore the NewsHour’s full coverage of world news. And, take special note of analysis and reporting on the military. Explore the fascinating election feature: Patchwork Nation.

Washington Week in Review

Explore Washington Week’s collection of essential reads on the economy and the election


FRONTLINE, PBS’ Peabody and Pulitzer award-winning investigative series on foreign affairs and defense: news, analysis and signature documentaries. Don’t miss “The Secret War.”


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      Subversive learning?
    Need to Know travels to Tucson, Arizona, where a years-long dispute over a Mexican-American studies program has tensions high.
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    Following the money: Tax breaks
    New CBO report echoes the findings of Need to Know's "A tale or four tax returns."
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    Mixed-status families
    From PBS NewsHour: Listen to the stories of families who are struggling with separation or being forced to leave the United States.