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  What’s at Stake: Foreign policy

The heated rhetoric doesn’t offer much of a guidepost on how either would navigate the challenges ahead.


Regional visions for Afghanistan’s future

Afghanistan cannot escape its geography, its region, or relations with its neighbors. In turn, the real question becomes: How can the U.S. can help or hinder Afghanistan’s transition to full sovereignty?


How France lost Afghanistan

For Joshua Foust, there is a lesson to be gleaned from France’s early exit from Afghanistan for U.S. policymakers: Ambition has its place in warfare, but only if it can be backed up by commitment.


A ‘messy’ Afghan exit plan

NATO is overselling its plan to pull out of Afghanistan via the “northern distribution network.” While the northern evacuation route certainly lessens the need for Pakistan, it is not a viable replacement for Pakistan’s supply routes, writes Joshua Foust.


Poll: Afghanistan and you

Which is the most important campaign issue to you? Vote in our poll.


  A different kind of memorial

Documentarian Sebastian Junger proposes a provocative idea for how we might help soldiers come to grips with what he calls “the central tragedy of war.”


  Coming Home: The hardships veterans face when they return from war

Young veterans often have difficulty finding work when they return from war, leading to extreme financial hardship and, in some cases, homelessness.


  American Voices: Mopping up

In our “American Voices” series, Marcos Villatoro profiles a housekeeper whose son is now serving in Afghanistan. He says her job is like her son’s: they both clean up the mess left by others.


Defining victory in Afghanistan

The real challenge in Afghanistan is that the American effort has focused almost exclusively on the military, while the Taliban has focused on politics. As a consequence, the Taliban is winning the war for hearts and minds, writes Joshua Foust.

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