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Herman Cain thinks Uzbekistan doesn’t matter. He’s wrong.

Herman Cain recently dismissed Uzbekistan as a country Americans shouldn’t care about. Joshua Foust explains why he’s wrong.


  David Potorti on waging peace after 9/11

David Potorti, a founder of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, discusses his organization’s anti-war and anti-conflict efforts.


  Military families struggle with the war at home

The emotional impact of combat on those serving in the military is well recognized. But what about the military families left behind? We profile three families to see the sacrifices military spouses and children make every day.


Military superbug, quiet civilian epidemic

Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are battling a bacteria that’s resistant to antibiotics. While the military is confronting the problem, it may be a growing concern for civilian hospitals in the U.S.


War is boring: A combat photographer’s story

In this personal story, Adam Ferguson gives us a candid account of what it’s like to be a combat photographer.


Tim Pawlenty, neocon?

The former Minnesota governor has tried to burnish his public image by adopting a hawkish foreign policy platform in the early days of the campaign.


Photo: Shaking hands with a hero

U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Leroy Arthur Petry receives the Medal of Honor for his valor in Afghanistan.


It’s Pakistan, not the Taliban, we should worry about in Afghanistan

The growing instability along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan is a critical issue for the United States, writes Joshua Foust.


  Celeste Ward Gventer on Obama’s shift in strategy in Afghanistan

Celeste Ward Gventer, former deputy defense secretary and currently at University of Texas, discusses the president’s announcement on troop withdrawals from Afghanistan.

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