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  Dear Obama: Messages from victims of the LRA

In this video from VII photographer Marcus Bleasdale, victims of the Lord’s Resistance Army in central Africa call upon President Obama for urgent and decisive action to neutralize the LRA.

U.S. support against the LRA spotlights group's brutal history

  Famine in Somalia: ‘This is a race against time to save lives’

This week, the U.N. declared a state of famine in parts of Somalia. Need to Know speaks with Adrian Edwards of the U.N.’s Refugee Agency about the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the region.


UK Prime Minister Cameron makes a bid for African trade

The U.K. prime minister made a case for forging a new relationship with Africa based on trade, and made an effort to draw Africans away from the luster of Chinese investments.


Photo: Famine declared in parts of Somalia

The U.N. says that nearly half of the Somali population is now in crisis.


  Independence Day for South Sudan

As South Sudan prepares to become the world’s newest nation, Need to Know reports on the election and the subsequent violence in the region through the eyes of Salva Dut, a so-called Sudanese “Lost Boy.”


  Adam Hochschild: America has ‘blood on our hands’ in Congo

Alison Stewart talks to author Adam Hochschild on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Congo’s first democratically elected leader, Patrice Lumumba, by Belgian and — it is speculated — American operatives.


Southern Sudan counts down

Tomorrow, voters in Southern Sudan will stamp their thumbprint next to a single hand, for goodbye, or a handshake, for unity.


  A ‘lost boy’ of Sudan returns to rebuild his homeland

As the people of Southern Sudan decide whether to form an independent state next week, Need to Know profiles Salva Dut, a “lost boy” of Sudan who returned to help build his homeland.


Photo: Rats on a mission

A footlong rodent in a harness is ready to clear the world of landmines. Or at least, for now, parts of Africa. Like dogs, giant African pouched rats are smart and cooperative, and have a highly developed sense of smell, plus they work for peanuts.

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