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Putting the War on Terror under the law

In early February, a Department of Justice Office of Legal Council White Paper that summarized the White House’s legal reasoning for the war on terrorism leaked to the public. While the White Paper limited its discussion to why the White House can order lethal strikes against American citizens, it also contains some worrying hints about how […]


Five things to know about the intervention in Mali

Over the weekend France launched an assault on northern Mali, part of an operation to unseat the extremists who have occupied half the country since last year’s coup. Immediately afterward, al Qaeda-linked rebels launched a counteroffensive, raising the specter of a drawn-out war. While the conflict is in its early stages, the Mali intervention is […]


Taking conspiracy theories seriously

A new study looks at how extremist groups use conspiracy theories to radicalize people and spur violent behavior


Migrating violence in the Caucasus

The Chechen insurgency has been pushed into neighboring republics.

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