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  American Voices: Sadia Hameed

The director of the crimes against humanity program at Human Rights First tells us why the United States must prevent genocide.


  American Voices: David Kipen

David Kipen, essayist and former Director of Literature at the National Endowment for the Arts, talks about the value of volunteerism — and the threat it poses to working people.


  American Voices: Cy Richardson

The National Urban League’s Cy Richardson on how to put money into the hands of those who have historically been shut out.


  American Voices: Jon Meacham

A Jon Meacham essay about how the federal legislation passed in 1965 under President Johnson fueled immigration.


  American Voices: Dan Savage

Nationally syndicated columnist Dan Savage speaks to NTK about life for gay and lesbian members of the military after the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and about how these changes might affect the larger fight for LGBT equality.


  American Voices: Mayor Ed Lee

Ed Lee of San Francisco, the city’s first Asian-American mayor, shares his American experience growing up the son of immigrants.


  American Voices: Jon Meacham on saving our schools, and everything else we value

Jon Meacham discusses how education is key to the United States regaining its footing economically, as well as remaining a military power.


  Thomas Giovanni on better legal representation for the poor

Essayist Thomas Giovanni of the Brennan Center for Justice talks about the need for better legal representation for poor defendants.


  American Voices: A combat doctor on caring for our returning veterans

Dr. Todd Baker, who ran an emergency room in a military hospital in Baghdad, offers ideas about how to care for returning vets.

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