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  Thoai Nguyen on bridging the racial divide through hip hop

A Vietnamese-American essayist, Thoai Nguyen, talks about tensions in the inner city of Philadelphia between African-Americans and newly arrived south Asian immigrants.


  Jeff Greenfield on food stamps and the American safety net

In this essay, Jeff Greenfield asks, “What does it tell us about our country that so many require assistance to meet some of the most fundamental of needs?”


  Marcos Villatoro on how a government jobs program changed his father’s life

Essayist Marcos Villatoro recalls how FDR’s decision to create the Civilian Conservation Corps saved a generation of unemployed Americans, including his own father.


American Voices: Jon Meacham on our obligation to the elderly

Jon Meacham discusses our obligations to the elderly, and how his personal experiences with older people have shaped his life.


  American Voices: Bernard Lafayette on voting rights

Need to Know’s “American Voices” essay features Bernard Lafayette, a prominent civil rights leader from the 1960s who reflects on the struggle for black voting rights then and what he believes are organized efforts to undo them now.


American Voices: Michael Gartner on Iowa

On “American Voices,” essayist Michael Gartner offers a portrait of the political diversity and proud history of his home state.


American Voices: Jon Meacham on religious reconciliation

On “American Voices,” essayist Jon Meacham comments on the path to reconciliation among Muslims, Jews and Christians


American Voices: Tricia Rose on saving government jobs to keep the playing field level

Tricia Rose, professor of African-American cultural politics at Brown University, argues that cutting government jobs would derail a half-century of efforts to create a more level playing field in the workplace.


  American Voices: Gustavo Arellano on the 2012 Latino vote

Californian columnist Gustavo Arellano contributes an essay about why the GOP risks losing the Hispanic vote in the upcoming presidential election.

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