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Ask the experts: skills gap

This week our program focuses on jobs and the often discussed “skills gap” many say exists in the U.S. We report that twelve million Americans are jobless and looking for work but just what kind of work and where to find it does not yield a definitive answer. Some are of the opinion that the […]


Legalizing marijuana

This election cycle, some major victories materialized for a number of interest groups. However, with media focus now looking toward an ever-looming fiscal cliff, potential war in the Middle East and a purported liquidation of Hostess Cupcake, the implications of some of these victories deserve more study. A big turnaround in the state of Maine […]


Ask the experts: Voter ID laws

As the presidential campaigns wind down and voting begins in earnest in less than two weeks, much of the conversation has turned from polls and debates to the mechanics of voting. The concerns around voting range from fraud to disenfranchisement. Of particular note are the legislative attempts at changing the voting process, particularly in make-or-break […]


Ask the experts: Alternative energy

We heard both candidates discuss alternative energy at this week’s presidential debate in Denver. President Obama said, “we’ve got to look at the energy sources of the future, like wind and solar and biofuels, and make those investments.” The support for alternative energy sources, however, is not universal. Need to Know asked leading experts in […]


Ask the experts: a changing voter electorate

This week Maria Hinojosa traveled to Clarkston, Georgia to discuss with members of the town how the demographic shift has affected them and the community at large. This is not just a shift in a single town in Georgia, it is a larger change to our national society. We asked a number of experts on […]


Ask the experts: Drones

This week’s show raises a number of questions related to how the American drone strategy in Pakistan (and elsewhere) creates potential tensions in the region. To help sift through these complex issues, we asked leading experts to weigh in on drone warfare.   Our contributors: Ryan Calo¬†is an assistant professor at the¬†University of Washington School […]


Ask the experts: Climate change and international law

This week’s show touches on a wide range of hotly-contested topics: climate change, geopolitics and legal precedence. To help sift through these complex issues, we asked leading experts to weigh in on Palau’s ground-breaking attempt to hold other nations accountable for environmental damage. See what they had to say below. Our contributors: David Biello is […]

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