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Stop the austerity train wreck

Debt deal or not, Washington is on the road to making budget cuts that will slow the economy, increase unemployment and impose additional hardship on millions of Americans, writes Robert Reich.


Anarchy in the UK

It’s taken years to brew the toxic mix of hopelessness and rage, disenfranchisement and greed that erupted in Britain this week, writes Maria Margaronis.


The wars of austerity

Robert Skidelsky, the premier Keynesian historian, explains why he is less hopeful about a rapid recovery from the global recession.


Wednesday morning roundup

Workers take to the streets in Europe and a sinister “Mumbai-style” terror plot is uncovered.


Monday morning roundup

Mideast peace talks hang in the balance and the eurozone continues to grapple with sovereign debt.


The ‘new austerity’ reading list

Jessa Crispin revisits some timeless books about the first round of austerity to help us understand the new one.

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