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  Peter Bell on handling the upcoming needs of autistic adults

Peter Bell, executive vice-president of Autism Speaks and father of a teenage son with autism, discusses what some of the major autism advocacy groups are doing to try to meet the ongoing needs of adults with autism, and the special challenges presented by tough economic times.


  Losing the safety net: Adults with autism

When we think of autism, we tend to think of children, but what happens to those children when they grow up and leave the educational system where federal law requires they get the services they need? And what happens to them when their parents are gone? Need to Know looks at two families struggling to provide a future for their adult sons with autism.


  A generation with autism, graduating into the unknown

For many young adults with autism, the state aid they receive for care, education and even housing runs out at the age of 22. What happens to these adults who are graduating into the unknown?


  When care runs out

Parents of children with severe developmental disabilities often have to fight to get them what they need, especially once they become adults.


First Look: Coming of age with autism

An Indiana teenager with severe autism could lose the residential care he needs if the state withdraws its funding. Maria Hinojosa spoke with the single father raising him.

Wednesday morning roundup

Environment This disturbing photo of a waterway clogged with dead fish in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana was sent to local media outlets by Parish President Billy Nungesser. Residents fear that the massive fish kill could be related to the BP oil spill.

British doctor who inspired worldwide vaccine scare banned

On Monday Britain’s medical council stripped Andrew Wakefield of his license, saying he had “abused his position of trust” and “brought the medical profession into disrepute.”

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