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Countdown to the ‘Feathered Four’

The season isn’t ALL about basketball. Another tournament is quietly heating up, and there is still time to fill out your brackets for the Tweet 16. That’s right: birds.


Photo: Gone to the birds

In the midst of “birdpocalypse,” we bring you a flock of sunning skimmers.


Schumer opens golden door for wounded Afghan eagle

With some high-level help, a bird survives a soldier’s bullet and immigrates to the U.S.


  An ocean of plastic

Plastic from around the world converges in a whirling gyre known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Nowhere is the impact of this floating landfill clearer than on the Midway Atoll, where albatross go to nest.


  Grousing at windmills

A rare dispute between environmentalists and renewable energy advocates has broken out in Wyoming, where wind energy development threatens the fragile habitat of the sage grouse.

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