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birth control pill


Contraceptives to be available without co-pay in 2013

On Monday, the Department of Health mandated that insurance companies provide full coverage for a broad range of women’s preventative health services, including birth control.


  The history of the pill

The advent of modern contraception in the 1960s stirred controversy. Taking the pill was easy. Integrating it into our society? Not so much.


A brief history of the birth control pill

Take a look back through the history of the birth control pill.

Erica Jong on the pill, then and now

The birth control pill turns 50 on May 9. Need to Know spoke to Erica Jong about the pill, sex and motherhood.


A conversation with Carl Djerassi, a father of the pill

The chemist talks with Need to Know about the early days of the pill, population decline and alternate realities.


A birth control pill for men?

An excerpt from Elaine Tyler May’s recently published book, “America and the Pill.”

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