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blood transfusions


Need to Know, March 11, 2011: Public unions and state budgets, blood transfusions

Are public unions to blame for states’ budget woes? Also: Alternatives to blood transfusions and an “illustrated interview” on income equality in America.


  Blood test: What you don’t know about blood

Since World War ll, blood has been considered “the gift of life.” But today a growing number of experts are questioning whether blood transfusions should be so widely used.


  The truth about blood

The Centers for Disease Control is tracking blood transfusions across the country to gauge the risks and benefits. Need to Know talks to one of the leaders of the new “hemovigilance” program.


  The risks of transfusions

Members of the medical community are questioning how blood transfusions are used, and are concluding that, for many patients, the risks outweigh the benefits.

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