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  Dan Kildee, leader of the ‘shrinking cities’ movement, on saving distressed cities

Dan Kildee, a leader in the “shrinking cities” movement, talks to Alison Stewart about how to rescue distressed post-industrial cities, and explains why downsizing isn’t always bad.


  Youngstown, Ohio: the incredible shrinking city

How do the industrial cities of the Rust Belt deal with massive population losses? Youngstown, Ohio, is trying to return the city to its former greatness, albeit on a smaller scale.


New study shows disconnect between mass transit and jobs

Does mass transit take you to work? Blueprint America wants to know.


Brits weigh in on America’s transportation network

The Economist tells it like it is — or isn’t.


Reversing ‘Blue Flight’ in Detroit

Can Detroit’s new housing incentive program lure police officers to move into and stabilize its neighborhoods?


  Building the next America: Ed Rendell makes the case for spending on high-speed rail

Republicans and President Obama are at odds again, this time over the administration’s plan to invest in high-speed rail. Ed Rendell makes the case for spending to improve the nation’s infrastructure.


Lisa Margonelli on energy policy: ‘We can really change our behaviors’

Author and energy policy expert Lisa Margonelli joins Alison Stewart to discuss the small, incremental adjustments that we can make in both our behavior and policies to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.


‘Mad’ for trains

High-speed rail gets some much needed PR help from supporting actors on “Mad Men.”


Obama and Republicans stand on opposite sides of the high-speed tracks

With the 2012 elections not that far off, Republicans are taking on President Obama’s high-speed rail plan.

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