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Train in vain? Obama’s high-speed rail plan is more ‘I think I can’ than ‘Yes, we can’

Transportation Desk: Despite $8 billion proposed for high-speed rail, Obama’s plan is more ‘I think I can’ than ‘Yes, we can.’


Seniorville, the suburbs turn 65

What can communities do to make the suburbs more senior friendly? An interview with Elinor Ginzler of AARP.


  Graying in the suburbs: A Blueprint America special report

A large number of older Americans are living in car-dependent suburbs, but what happens when it’s time to take their keys away? Maria Hinojosa reports.


Boomtown! The great suburban demographic shift

The needs of suburbanites today is very different from those of suburbanites during the great urban exodus of the ’50s, but infrastructure has not kept up. An interview with the Brookings Institution’s William H. Frey.


  Building for health

This week on our Karr on Culture podcast: Can better urban infrastructure make Americans healthier?


  For high-speed rail, a tale of two governors

President Obama’s vision for high-speed rail has been rejected by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a Republican, and embraced by Illinois governor Patrick Quinn, a Democrat.


Rail politics: The choice for voters — spend or save our way out of the recession

The demise of the largest public works project in decades illustrates the stark political choice many voters will make next week: either spend our way out of the recession with big projects like high-speed trains and tunnels or save our way out with good old fashioned belt-tightening.


  The gridlocked American dream

Americans suffering from the housing crisis are also finding themselves struggling to afford transportation costs. With Blueprint America, we visited the Phoenix suburbs.


Profiles from the recession: Riding the bus in Natchez, Miss.

A new and improved public transit system –funded with stimulus dollars — helps the poor get to work in rural Mississippi.

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