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Money & Medicine reading list

Want to learn more about the state of health care spending in our country? Check out the Money & Medicine reading list and go in-depth on the issue.


Summer reading roundups: what’s on your list?

Books on this year’s summer reading lists are anything but predictable. What’s on your list of the season’s must-reads?


Are bad voters like drunk drivers? New book says they are, and that they should stay home on Election Day

Jason Brennan, author of the new book “The Ethics of Voting,” argues that irresponsible voting is morally wrong, and that misinformed voters should stay home on Election Day.


  ‘Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua responds to uproar

Author Amy Chua talks to Alison Stewart about her new memoir, and discusses the uproar over her “extreme” approach to parenting.


  First Look: How the story of Cleopatra resonates today

In her new book “Cleopatra: A Life,” Stacy Schiff redefines what we know about the last queen of Egypt, and provides a story that may resonate for women today.


  Crafting and life with Amy Sedaris

Comedian Amy Sedaris sits down with Alison Stewart to discuss her decidedly unique take on crafting, and her new book, “Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People.”


In the story of a missing boy, a mother as protagonist

Jessa Crispin revisits the novel, “Still Missing,” which was inspired by the 1979 disappearance of 6-year-old Etan Patz.


Photo: Right on target

A woman’s life in pictures, one shot at a time.


Clearing the air: The fury over Jonathan Franzen’s ‘Freedom’

Is Jonathan Franzen’s new book really a “must read”? A few critics have dared to detract, and gender bias looms above the debate.

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