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BP oil spill


For residents and cleanup workers, health risks of Gulf oil spill remain uncertain

A year after the BP spill, cleanup workers are still asking questions about health risks. Can a federal study provide the answers? Need to Know’s medical correspondent reports.

Carl Safina and Abrahm Lustgarten on the BP disaster and lessons learned

Reporter Abrahm Lustgarten and ecologist Carl Safina talk to Alison Stewart about lessons learned from the BP oil spill, one year later.


Lisa Margonelli on energy policy: ‘We can really change our behaviors’

Author and energy policy expert Lisa Margonelli joins Alison Stewart to discuss the small, incremental adjustments that we can make in both our behavior and policies to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Wednesday morning roundup

Environment This disturbing photo of a waterway clogged with dead fish in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana was sent to local media outlets by Parish President Billy Nungesser. Residents fear that the massive fish kill could be related to the BP oil spill.

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