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Live discussion of Obama’s Oval Office address

Our Climate Desk partners will dissect the President’s Oval Office speech on the oil spill in the gulf, live. Pre-gaming starts at 5:00.


Spinning the spill: BP’s PR ballet

A ballet at sea? Oddly inspiring? Read what BP’s own “reporters” have to say about the oil spill.


A chance encounter on the Gulf Coast with a BP engineer

A BP engineer talked to Need to Know about the devastating impact of the spill.

BP vs. Obama’s climate complacency

Rahm Emanuel persuaded the President to play it cool on
climate legislation. But post spill, can he bring some heat to the game?

The new sheriff in town: BP

Many journalists covering the oil spill off the Gulf Coast of Louisiana are finding it difficult to cover the U.S.’s biggest oil spill disaster because of restrictions set by the British-owned company, BP.


  Big Oil’s Chernobyl

Carl Safina of the Blue Ocean Institute told Need to Know’s Jon Meacham that the Deepwater Horizon spill could be the end of Big Oil as we know it.


  MMS and big oil’s ‘torrid affair’

Satirist Steve Brodner illustrates the complex entanglements affair between the Minerals Management Service and the oil industry.

Despite mounting evidence, BP doubts underwater oil plumes

Despite scientists’ observations, BP doubts the existence of underwater oil plumes, which would have a unique role in devastating marine life.

Records show concerns about well, as BP says leak could last months

A House panel investigating the Gulf oil spill released new internal documents from BP that suggest engineers had concerns about the safety of the well as early as last year.

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