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breast cancer


  Six women, many small steps toward breast cancer breakthroughs

Dr. Emily Senay examines three clinical trials current under way: new chemotherapy tests, freezing breast cancer tumors and scalp cooling to save patients’ hair.

  Video: Dispelling the myths surrounding cancer trials

  Dispelling the myths surrounding cancer trials

Clinical trials are vital to advancing cancer treatment, but sometimes doctors can’t find patients to participate and patients can’t find the trials. “It’s like two ships passing in the night,” says Dr. Elly Cohen.


Answering your questions about mammograms

By Dr. Emily Senay and Laura LeBlanc Following our segment last week about new studies on the necessity of annual mammograms, Need to Know spoke with experts from Memorial Sloan Kettering, the American Cancer Society, and the National Cancer Institute to answer your questions on the topic. Many of you have asked specific questions about […]


Five things you need to know about mammograms

A new study suggests that mammograms are not as helpful in extending breast cancer survival rates as we think. Correspondent Dr. Emily Senay will tell us what we need to know about the new study, and what the controversy means for health policy.


What do you need to know about mammograms?

After years of being told that early detection was the key to treating breast cancer, many were understandably stunned last year when a panel of scientists concluded that women over 40 don’t need mammograms nearly as often as previously thought. And a new study out of Sweden raises even more questions about how often mammograms […]


This week on Need to Know

Need to Know follows the money.


Wednesday morning roundup

The U.S. combat mission in Iraq ends, Tony Blair tells all and jittery investors seek refuge in gold.

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