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  What’s at Stake: Foreign policy

The heated rhetoric doesn’t offer much of a guidepost on how either would navigate the challenges ahead.


It’s the Chinese, stupid

GOP candidates have been invoking anti-China rhetoric to appeal to voters, but that strategy may not be so clear-cut in South Carolina, which has established strong business ties with the country.


Obama stresses Asia-Pacific’s importance as he announces increased military presence in Australia

Even as the U.S. military scales down operations in the Middle East, it’s sharpening its focus on the Asia-Pacific, President Obama declared this week, evoking dismay from China.


UN resolution on Syria fails after double veto

A U.N. resolution threatening sanctions on Syria failed to pass after two vetoes from China and Russia. While European countries and the U.S. express outrage, Turkey plans to press on with sanctions.


UK Prime Minister Cameron makes a bid for African trade

The U.K. prime minister made a case for forging a new relationship with Africa based on trade, and made an effort to draw Africans away from the luster of Chinese investments.


The view from 10,000 miles: Huntsman brings an outsider’s eye to the 2012 campaign

Jon Huntsman comes to the presidential campaign as something of an outsider. Which view of America will he take: The outlook of the Tea Party, or the outlook of the rest of the world?


As activist detentions wind down in China, a wave of unrest poses a new challenge

The Chinese authorities’ crackdown against human rights activists have slowed, but a new wave of violent demonstrations might force the government to reassess its strategy.


Is Jon Huntsman the GOP’s ‘serious’ candidate (and do they even want one)?

Jon Huntsman, a relative latecomer to the Republican presidential field, is hoping to cast himself as the grown-up in the race. But will that matter to GOP primary voters?


Photo: Luxury luggage in China

Visitors walk through the Louis Vuitton “Voyages” exhibition at the National Museum of China on Tuesday.

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