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chinese drywall


Update: Tainted drywall law weakened

The bill doesn’t actually set preventative standards. Instead, it asks an industry association committee comprised mostly of drywall manufacturers and builders to develop voluntary limits on sulfur content in drywall for the government to enforce.


  Home sick: Living with Chinese drywall

Drywall manufactured in China is emitting sulfur gasses which American homeowners allege is making them sick. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating, and many homeowners are suing, while at least one major manufacturer denies that its drywall causes any ill effects.


  ‘Limited options’ for homes with toxic drywall, says ProPublica’s Joaquin Sapien

ProPublica reporter Joaquin Sapien discusses the federal government’s role in investigating Chinese drywall and the limited options homeowners have.


  Home sick: Alleged ill effects from Chinese drywall

Need to Know examines the harmful effects of allegedly tainted drywall manufactured in China and the legal frustrations consumers encounter when trying to sue foreign manufacturers for damages.

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