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Chris Christie


Republicans, searching anew for a standard-bearer, eye New Jersey’s Chris Christie

The New Jersey governor’s blunt-talking style has made him the latest conservative darling, mobilizing much of the Republican machine to entice him into the race.


Prominent Republicans distance themselves from anti-Islam rhetoric

Not all Republicans have embraced the rhetoric of the anti-Shariah movement. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, for example, has had a warm relationship with Muslims in his state.


  Arne Duncan on American education: ‘We have a crisis on multiple levels’

Education Secretary Arne Duncan talks to Jon Meacham about the Obama administration’s push to revise No Child Left Behind, and how the U.S. can regain lost ground in educational excellence.


Rail politics: The choice for voters — spend or save our way out of the recession

The demise of the largest public works project in decades illustrates the stark political choice many voters will make next week: either spend our way out of the recession with big projects like high-speed trains and tunnels or save our way out with good old fashioned belt-tightening.

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