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Putting the War on Terror under the law

In early February, a Department of Justice Office of Legal Council White Paper that summarized the White House’s legal reasoning for the war on terrorism leaked to the public. While the White Paper limited its discussion to why the White House can order lethal strikes against American citizens, it also contains some worrying hints about how […]


Dim prospects for drone accountability

Last week, John O. Brennan, President Obama’s nominee for director of the CIA, faced some tough questions from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Arguably one of the most interesting was posed by Committee Chairwoman Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA), who suggested during her opening comments that it might be time for the drones program to […]

Questions for John Brennan

As John Brennan’s confirmation hearing to be the next director of the CIA approaches on Thursday, it is an ideal time to examine his record. While he is the man perhaps best positioned to reform the agency and to handle the complex challenges facing the country, there are some questions he should answer during his […]


The choices John Brennan will face

President Obama’s nomination of John O. Brennan, his Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Terrorism, to head up the CIA has drawn criticism from many. What critics miss, however, is the most important angle to Brennan’s nomination; it offers the best chance at reforming the Agency. Over the last decade, the CIA has […]


A chaotic intelligence community

The Washington Post reported over the weekend that the Pentagon is sending hundreds of spies overseas as part of its rapid expansion into espionage- an endeavor rivaling the CIA. The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) will oversee this effort, expected to top the deployment of 1,600 agents worldwide. And it is the wrong approach. The Intelligence Community (IC) is […]


Petraeus resigns from CIA

Petraeus is a decorated war veteran who has served in a number of different roles — most notably as Commander of the United States Central Command and subsequently as Commander of the U.S. and ISAF forces in Afghanistan.


What’s wrong with the U.S. intelligence community?

Is the intelligence community relying too much on politically biased reports about Iran, or is the problem, as Joshua Foust argues, that their conclusions are foregone?


Freeing of CIA contractor ends standoff with Pakistan but fuels protests

American accused of killing two Pakistanis is pardoned by victims’ families under Islamic law after “blood money” exchange.


Five things you need to know about the Afghanistan War review

The Obama administration’s review is clear about the preferred outcomes; what’s missing is any sense of how to achieve them, writes Joshua Foust.

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