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climate change


  WikiLeaks and climate change

Just as diplomats gathered to draft a new climate change accord, U.S. embassy cables released by WikiLeaks suggested that world leaders were largely pessimistic about the chances for success.


Indonesia’s billion-dollar climate experiment

Can rich nations pay a corrupt government to protect its rainforests?


Cancun or bust

Dispatches from the U.N. climate negotiations.


Turkey can be climate friendly; spinach, not so much

Though it might seem counterintuitive, turkeys can be climate friendly, while spinach can be as harmful for the planet as beef. In our holiday Climate Desk podcast, we look at how our food choices affect climate change — and vice versa.


Climate scientists prepare for new attacks after GOP wins

Climate scientists are preparing for new attacks from Republicans. But they don’t all agree on the right approach.


  In India, a climate of power

President Obama reached an unusual clean energy agreement with India during his trip there last week. So what role does this emerging power play in the fight against climate change?


  Political climate change

Much has been said about the results of the midterm elections. But what about their impact on climate change? Need to Know talks to Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones to find out.


Climate victory? Not so much.

California’s Proposition 26 may render meaningless environmentalists’ celebrated Prop 23 victory.


26 days to Cancun

New initiatives promote green travel and carbon credits in Africa

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