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  Presidentiality: The science behind Rick Perry’s brain freeze

Rick Perry suffered from a potentially campaign-wrecking lapse of memory at the Republican debate this week. Presidentiality looks at the science behind Perry’s embarrassing brain melt.


Octavia Nasr: U.S. media missed ‘the anatomy’ of Tunisia’s revolution

In an interview, CNN’s former editor for Middle East affairs said the U.S. media ignored the story of the Middle East’s first peaceful revolution until it was “in their face.”


Audio slideshow: Anatomy of a revolution

Octavia Nasr discusses the four weeks of intense demonstrations in Tunisia that led to the first peaceful revolution last week in the history of the Arab world.


What’s Al Jazeera’s problem?

Host Riz Khan says there’s not much of a market for international news in the U.S. — but there should be.


Former Iraq correspondent: CNN refused to air ‘war crime’

Australian journalist says incident violated Geneva Convention.

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