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Dan Ariely


Wait for another marshmallow?

Recent studies have shown that children who learn early self-control are more successful as adults in many ways. So Dan Ariely asks, how do we keep from eating that doughnut RIGHT NOW?


Does the U.S. tax system encourage promiscuous spending?

Dan Ariely explains why the U.S. tax system may be inadvertently encouraging us to spend more money than we really have.


A good day for a colonoscopy, and other fantasies

Students start out the semester with such good intentions! Do all the reading! Start the papers early! And then something happens.

How to commit the perfect crime

Note: Dan Ariely’s new book, “The Upside of Irrationality,” was released this week. See the video below for more from Dan about the book. There is a certain perverse pleasure in contemplating the perfect crime. You can apply your ingenuity to the hypothetical issues of choosing a target, evading surveillance and law enforcement, dealing with […]

A place for optimism in a new, uncertain world

Since the economic bust and resulting recession, people often ask me whether I’m optimistic about our future. When we think about optimism from the perspective of behavioral economics, two important questions come to mind in light of our present circumstances. First, where do we naturally fall on the range from pessimism to optimism? And second, […]

Sure, we’re thrifty now, but what about when the economy improves?

Work hours slashed. A spouse laid off. The family funds gone with Bernie Madoff. For one reason or another, the recession has forced most of us to take a long, hard look at our budget and give our spending habits a good old overhaul. And that hasn’t been all bad. Surveys show that we’re saving […]

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