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U.S. to stop deporting some young immigrants

Bypassing Congress, President Obama issued an executive order to halt the deportation of young immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally.


Shift in U.S. deportation policy provides reprieve for immigrant youth, same-sex couples

The Obama administration’s new deportation policy will focus on criminals, providing reprieve for DREAM Act youth and same-sex couples facing the threat of deportation.


Young activists take DREAMs into their own hands

Riding a wave of activism on college campuses, a growing number of undocumented students are going public about their own precarious immigration status.


Half of California ‘Dream Act’ becomes law

California’s governor signed half of a two-part bill that would allow undocumented students access to college scholarships.


Dream big or go ‘home’

Immigrant students are risking deportation to support a controversial bill that would allow them to stay.

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