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education reform


  Dropping in: An innovative program tries to get drop-outs back in school

Need to Know travels to Philadelphia to examine the city’s ambitious plan to reach out to and re-engage high school dropouts. The story is part of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s “American Graduate” initiative.

Are college sports worth the cost?

“It is ridiculous that so much emphasis is put on sports and the average student suffers for it,” a reader says. Join the conversation.


Education roundtable: Three reformers making change from the ground up

Alison Stewart leads a lively discussion with three education reformers about practical solutions that work.


Fixing public schools: Davis Guggenheim on “Waiting for Superman”

Davis Guggenheim, director of the new documentary “Waiting for “Superman,” discusses the American education system, its problems and some solutions.


  Hope and sacrifice

In this essay, Jon Meacham considers how past presidents have inspired national sacrifice — and what’s needed to revive hope for the present.

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