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Egyptian protests


Need to Know, February 18, 2011: The universe(s), Egypt’s future and fracking

How many universes are there? Author Brian Greene explains. Plus: A fracking update, a look at what’s next in Egypt and an interview author Parag Khanna.


Photo: Joy in the streets of Cairo

Egyptians celebrate the news of the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, who handed control of the country to the military on Friday.


Egypt erupts

Three VII photographers take an up-close look at the defiance and anger that has been pouring out into Egypt’s streets since the protests began on January 25.


WikiLeaks cables: Political protests are not part of the ‘Egyptian mentality’

New diplomatic cables released during the protests reveal Egypt’s efforts to suppress political activity.


Egypt’s winter of discontent

The size and strength of protests in Egypt have caught everyone by surprise, but the seeds of discontent were planted on many fronts, writes Robyn Creswell.

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