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Election 2012


  Need to Know, October 19, 2012: Yo decido

Maria Hinojosa travels to the critical swing state of Florida, where one in seven registered voters is Hispanic.


How financial aid letters often leave students confused and misinformed

How financial aid letters are confusing parents and students.


Appealing to the women of Virginia

The Weekly Standard on the battle for women in Virginia.


Don’t interrupt me while I’m interrupting

At the vice presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky, the number of interruptions between the candidates seems to have exceeded prior debates by a large margin.


Are swing voters going green?

By Chris Mooney | October 2, 2012 It was quite the messaging turnaround. In his September 6 acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, President Obama—whose reticence about so much as mentioning global warming has flummoxed environmental activists—used the subject to launch an unexpected attack on his opponent. “Climate change is not a […]


In search of the college vote

After two election cycles engaged intimately in the coverage of younger voters, their principal policy concerns, their grassroots engagement and their ultimate turnout on Election Day, I continue my study this fall to reveal what is driving the youth vote during this campaign cycle.


  Need to Know, October 5, 2012: Main Street, Pueblo, Colo.

We travel to Pueblo, Colorado to assess the mood along Main Street in a once-thriving steel town that now depends on the global economy.


Alternative energy noticeably absent from 2012 campaign

Renewable energy, a key part of President Obama’s platform in 2008, has been absent from the national conversation this election season.


Web extra: Virginia’s special swing

Professor Dan Palazzolo on why Virginia is a battleground state unlike any other.

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