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Elizabeth Warren


  Unearthing the ‘47 percent’ video

Remember the “47 percent” video that went viral and put the Mitt Romney presidential campaign into a mad scramble? How about the time Elizabeth Warren was called out for claiming she was Native American? Ever wonder how these revelations were unearthed? Perhaps it was a shrewd investigative reporter, or a paid employee from an opposing […]


In Elizabeth Warren, progressives may have found the hero they’ve been seeking

More than any other Democrat, the longtime consumer advocate is offering a compelling narrative about the unfairness of the current economic situation.


  Jeff Madrick on the politics of protecting consumers

Jeff Madrick, senior fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, discusses the new consumer protections enacted as part of the Wall Street reform bill passed last year.


  Neither a borrower, nor a lender

Can an agency protect consumers from making bad decisions about their finances? We meet one military family whose situation seems tailor-made for the mission of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


Obama taps Cordray as head of consumer protection agency

Elizabeth Warren, who has been helping organize the agency as a Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury on the CFPB, will not be nominated to lead the agency.


Elizabeth Warren tapped to set up new consumer agency

The Harvard lawyer and consumer advocate will help set up a new oversight bureau with vast regulatory powers.


  Need to Know, July 16, 2010

This week on Need to Know: Where art thou, Obama? A look at how Avandia and other possibly dangerous drugs make it to market. And a photojournalist travels to Bangladesh to document one of the world’s most dramatic health crises: childhood malnutrition.


  Elizabeth Warren on the next real estate crisis

Alison Stewart sits down with Elizabeth Warren, attorney, Harvard Law professor and chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, in a Blueprint America special report about the potential of a national commercial real estate foreclosure crisis.

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