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energy policy


Climate change moves to forefront after inauguration

In his second inaugural address, President Obama suggested it was a religious and patriotic duty to deal with the challenge.


Moving fast on renewables

Germany’s green energy goal now stands at 65 percent renewables on the grid by 2040 and 80 percent — the most the country believes it can achieve with existing technology — by 2050.


The climate dilemma: How warm and when?

Scientists agree that greenhouse gases will warm the planet. But how much and when? Robert Fri explains the crux of the policy maker’s dilemma.


EPA does energy

The EPA can boast of some impressive accomplishments in its first 40 years, but Robert Fri argues that, as a major player in energy policy, the agency must evolve.


Give me one good reason for a new energy policy

General Electric’s CEO wants a new energy policy, and so do the rest of us. And many presidents have promised one. Robert Fri asks: What’s the holdup?

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