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Time for the Fed to take over in Europe

With Europe’s deepening debt crisis imperiling the global economy, economist Dean Baker argues that the U.S. Federal Reserve should step in to serve as the lender of last resort for eurozone countries.

The European debt crisis

  Greece’s debt crisis and the age of austerity

How has Greece’s debt created so much turmoil within Europe, and how could this crisis threaten to involve the United States and the world?

Europe and the euro

Christine Lagarde on why the euro is vital to Europe and, indeed, to the world economy.


Catherine Ashton answers Henry Kissinger’s call

Henry Kissinger once famously asked, “Who do I call if I want to call Europe?” The answer is Catherine Ashton, the EU’s first foreign policy chief.


What’s behind Greece’s debt crisis?

Amid violent protests and concerns for the eurozone, Alison Stewart spoke with the Financial Times’ Paul Murphy for some perspective.


Five ways of looking at the euro

Predictions and proposals abound as the Greek debt crisis continues to rattle global markets. Here’s what some top economists have to say.

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